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Help families in the Philippines rebuild a future
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Help families in the Philippines rebuild a future

Typhoon Haiyan tore through the Philippines at a devastating time for farmers, shortly after harvest and at the start of a new planting season. Hundreds of thousands of hectares of rice and other important crops have been lost, and storage facilities and rural infrastructure have been destroyed. Along the coast, the storm surge has wiped out many fishing communities, demolishing their boats and gear.

More than one million farmers and fishers need vital assistance to restore their livelihoods.

FAO urgently needs resources to provide farmers with rice seed so that they can plant or replant crops before the end of the season in December. Families also need vegetable seeds so that they have a source of food while they wait to harvest their main crops. Fishing and fish farming communities also need urgent support. With this help, farmers and fishers will be able to provide for their own families again, and rebuild their lives.

With a small donation, YOU can make a long-term difference.

Help families in the Philippines earn their own living again and rebuild a future.

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